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Hello, I'm Benoit Lips, Consultant and Expert. I help people, startup and companies to unlock the potential of the digital (r)evolution and disruptive innovation

Benoit Lips's Bio:

Benoit Lips is an accomplished executive with a technical background who has founded and managed several successful companies in the digital marketing and technology space. He has grown these companies from their inception to generate over 10 million euros in revenue. With more than 20 years of experience in company development, Benoit has successfully navigated economic downturns and created strong market positions for his businesses. Currently, Benoit is using his expertise to coach, consult, and serve as an interim manager for companies of all sizes, from startups to large multinationals. He is a practitioner, coach, and mentor for several startup accelerator programs and intrapreneurship programs, and has helped numerous teams in their journey to create innovative startups. As an investor and Fund Manager at Lean Fund, a privately held seed and early stage investment fund, and Co-founder of Lean Studio, Benoit serves as a board member of several companies and organizations in Belgium. Moreover, Benoit is the founder and leader of Quartier(s) Libre(s), a non-profit organization aimed at accelerating social innovation projects. His specialties include digital strategies, branding, customer relationship management, digital marketing, mobile, innovation, change management, internet, Lean startup, business model canvas, and disruptive strategies.

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Digital Strategies, Branding, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Mobile, Innovation, Change Management, Internet Lean startup, Disruption management Consultant, Interim Manager, Author, Speaker

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